WTC Related Illness

It is not easy for people to make claims directly to the VCF. The process of filing a claim requires careful documentation of one’s injuries and proof of eligibility.

The VCF, via its website, tells prospective claimants that “Your attorney is in the best position to let you know exactly what has been submitted to the VCF and when it was submitted, and can update you on any requests the VCF has made for additional information. Your attorney can also confirm whether or not the VCF has issued a decision on your claim and the timing of that decision.”

In other words, having a lawyer gives you distinct advantages in submitting, tracking, evaluating and winning your claim.

We know how important experienced legal representation is in this process. Sullivan Papain Block McGrath & Cannavo PC has been representing 9/11 World Trade Center first responders and rescue and recovery workers from the very beginning.

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