Structural Fires

Structural fires are among the most daunting challenges a New York City firefighter can face, and a very common cause of firefighter injury. Structural fires can burn hotter and faster than other blazes, making them difficult to extinguish. The challenges associated with battling them, coupled with the search for those who may be trapped inside a building, make structural fires a highly difficult and dangerous task.

Injuries in structural fires are often directly or indirectly caused because of violations of city rules or the negligence of the owners or tenants. But the devastation that results from a structural fire can often complicate the determination as to who is at fault. The attorneys at Sullivan Papain Block McGrath & Cannavo (SPBMC) know where to look and which questions to ask to determine responsibility.

SPBMC has successfully litigated countless personal injury cases on behalf of firefighters who have been hurt as a result of structural fires. Our firm has the experience and talent to get the results you and your family deserve.

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