Motor Vehicle Accidents

Not all of the dangers firefighters face are fire-related. Many firefighters are injured as a result of motor vehicle accidents, whether while they are in the line of duty or not. The frequency of such accidents has increased in recent years due, in part, to situations such as civilians texting while driving. These accidents can result in serious injuries, including death.

A violation of the Vehicle and Traffic Code can serve as a basis for firefighters to recover compensation for line-of-duty injuries.

In these situations, time can be of the essence. While it is true that the FDNY will continue to pay medical bills and salary after a line of duty injury, you may very well lose out on overtime if you miss an extended period of time. After an accident, you have 30 days to file for no fault benefits, which could allow you to regain some of those lost wages.

Additionally, it is often the case that these accidents are caught on video. It is imperative that you contact us, so that we may get to the scene as soon as possible to preserve the video before it is destroyed.

If you have been in a car accident, it is important to have us evaluate your case immediately to preserve your rights.

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