Lack of Proper Safety Equipment

For the last 40 years, Sullivan Papain Block McGrath & Cannavo (SPBMC) has been at the forefront of the fight to ensure that firefighters have the most effective and useful equipment possible. We understand that firefighters have one of the most physically demanding and dangerous jobs in the world. It is imperative that they are protected.

As general counsel to the Uniformed Firefighters Association, SPBMC has espoused the need for proper equipment and has fought for firefighters’ needs in a series of personal injury cases. Back in 1996, in Lyall v. The City of New York, Robert Sullivan, the firm’s senior member, won the first litigation centered on the need for proper bunker gear. After this landmark victory, the City of New York began to issue each firefighter with bunker gear.

Similarly, we have challenged the treatment of firefighters at The Rock when they were unnecessarily injured and burned. And most recently, in the Black Sunday Fire, a jury found that the city was liable for taking safety ropes away from firefighters. The ropes have since been reissued.

If you are a firefighter who believes that you were not provided with sufficient safety equipment or that your equipment failed and you were injured as a result, you should call SPBMC as soon as possible. Remember: timing is crucial. In a case involving safety equipment, we may be required to file a Notice of Claim in the first 90 days after the accident to preserve your rights.

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