Knee Injuries

Knee injuries often occur after a slip, trip or fall due to improper construction or faulty building maintenance. Many commercial and residential structures are inherently unsafe. Improperly constructed or maintained outdoor and indoor staircases and decks, un-level surfaces, and weakened floors are just a few examples of safety issues firefighters face.

Knee injuries can also occur in relatively commonplace circumstances — for example, when a firefighter sustains a cartilage injury when stairs collapse during a routine safety inspection. Tears in the meniscus, an ACL/MCL/PCL injury, re-aggravation of arthritis, joint effusion, and internal derangement of the knee can all be the result of an accident on the job.

Moreover, given the physical nature of the job firefighters often develop conditions over time. Unfortunately, it can only take one accident to aggravate a knee to the point that a firefighter becomes unfit for duty. If you have suffered a knee injury in an accident, call us for a consultation.


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