The number of runs made by the FDNY in response to gas leaks has risen rapidly in recent years. Gas leaks pose extremely dangerous risks to firefighters. For instance, gas explosions leveled buildings in both the East Village in 2015 and in Harlem in 2014.

Gas-related incidents are not the only type of explosions that firefighters face. Explosive materials left unprotected in a burning building can also be devastating. In these circumstances, the risks are amplified because firefighters aren’t aware that a danger exists within a building.

Building owners and tenants are responsible for keeping their property in a reasonably safe condition. Likewise, Con Edison and other utility providers have a responsibility to provide properly maintained equipment and safe service to properties in the City of New York.

Sullivan Papain Block McGrath & Cannavo (SPBMC) has confronted a variety of explosion cases and can help to identify who is at fault. When firefighters are injured as a result of an explosion, SPBMC can apprise them of their rights and hold the appropriate parties responsible.


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