City-Owned and Maintained Buildings

The City of New York is, at times, a property owner or operator. In either case, the city has the same duties and responsibilities as a private property owner. More specifically, the city owes firefighters, and all people on the property, a non-delegable duty to maintain the property in a reasonably safe condition.

This duty can apply in countless ways. For example, as a building owner, the city would have a responsibility to make sure the stairwells are safely constructed and properly lit. Similarly, there are occasions when the city owns a site and is constructing a building. As an owner, it has a responsibility to keep worksites and walkways free of debris. We have seen many times when firefighters respond to buildings or sites that are poorly maintained, and these conditions directly or indirectly cause a firefighter to be injured. If you are injured in these circumstances, you should immediately contact us to review your potential case.

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